Spamguard Review: How to Delete Spam Followers on Instagram

Brandon LazovicJuly 27, 2021

Are you tired of all the spam followers on your Instagram account? You are not alone. This is a common problem for many people, but with the help of Spam Guard it can be easily fixed! In this article we will discuss how to delete spam followers from your account in three easy steps and what features the app has that makes it so effective at removing these pesky followers. If you're ready to enjoy a high quality experience on Instagram again, read on!

What Is Spamguard?

Spam Guard is a patented app that helps you remove spam followers from your account. It will comb through your current Instagram followers and determine if they're ghost followers that need to be deleted from your account.

What Are Ghost Followers?

Ghost followers are spam accounts that will follow your account and then unfollow you shortly after. These ghost followers won't engage with any of your posts and they're just looking to interrupt the natural flow of following on Instagram for their own benefits. They'll also add in a bunch of spam comments to try to game the system so it looks like they're engaging with your posts.

This is a common problem for many people, but with the help of Spam Guard it can be easily fixed, as they will find these ghost followers and remove them from your account before it becomes an issue.

Why Ghost Followers Are Bad For Your Instagram Profile

Ghost followers are a nuisance and they can really ruin your Instagram experience. Not only do they interrupt the natural flow of following on the app, but they'll flood your profile with spam comments to try to get you more likes or follows from other ghost followers in their network. These spam commenters will use all sorts of different techniques like including hashtags in their comment, posting spam links in the comments, following and unfollowing you on social media, or even adding irrelevant emojis to your posts. All of these things will make it hard for you to find relevant content and have a good experience on Instagram.

It can also have a negative impact on your engagement rates for your Instagram posts, especially if it's affecting your follower-to-follow ratio.

The way Instagram works, is it will display your post to a certain percentage of your follower base. The more likes and comments you initially receive in the first hour of posting, the more likely Instagram will show your post to your other followers.

If your post doesn't receive enough engagement, it will be deprioritized in Instagram's algorithm, causing your post to lose out on potential likes because its being displayed to ghost followers that aren't actively engaging on your account.

How Spamguard Works

Below we'll walk through how Spamguard works to prevent ghost followers from impacting your Instagram post engagement.

Spam Guard Platform

Cloud Service

Spamguard doesn't require any apps to be installed on your phone. All you do is provide the login credentials to your Instagram account, and it'll do the work via a cloud service, meaning it will automatically run in the background, even if you close your browser.

Fast Cleaner

After you provide your login credentials, Spamguard will remove ghost followers from your account in a few clicks. It's quick and simple, requiring little learning curve to set up.

Whitelist Profiles

If you want to whitelist certain profiles to ensure that they aren't scrubbed, you can create a whitelist and add it within the Spamguard app so that these followers aren't removed from your account.

Reports Of Deleted Accounts

After Spamguard cleanses ghost followers from your account, you'll be provided with a daily list of accounts that were deleted for you to review.

Multiple Accounts

You can also add multiple accounts to your Spamguard profile for deletion of ghost followers / monitoring services.

Automatically Blocks Fake / Spam Engagement

An added bonus of Spamguard is the ability to block fake or spam engagement before it reaches your posts.

Spamguard Price

Spamguard offers a trial version for free, that will display the following types of users that follow your acccount:

  • Ghost accounts
  • Accounts outside of your geo-location
  • Commercial profiles
  • Inactive audiences
  • Non-mutual users (they follow you, but you aren't actively following or engaging with them)

For a monthly subscription, Spamguard costs around $7 per month, or offers a one time cleanse of $5 if you don't want to opt in for its monitoring services.

Is Spamguard Worth It?

In most cases, Instagram has cracked down on bot activity as part of several algorithm updates in recent years. However, it can still be a prevalent problem, especially if you've opted to purchase fake accounts to bolster your social media presence on Instagram.

If you've previously purchased thousands of fake followers in the past, or have issues with fake accounts following / not engaging with your content, then Spamguard is worth considering.

Check out their free trial and see if it's the right tool for you.

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