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2019 is going to be a big year for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). People are now connected to the internet wherever they are, thanks to the latest advancements in mobile technology and electronics.

More people are searching—whether it’s to make an online purchase, shop for a new car, place an order for pizza, or browse through funny memes.

This is our world now—made possible by online search engines. In fact, according to our friends over at SEOTribunal.com, there are 71,780 searches per second on average! In addition, 93% of all online experiences now begin with the use of a search engine, which is why Search Engine Optimization will continue to play a huge role.

Read on for the full scoop on the future of SEO predictions for 2019.

13 SEO Trends and Predictions for 2019 Infographic

Mobile Is the Way to Go

Mobile Users Are Outpacing PC Users For Search Results on Google

Mobile phone use far exceeded PC use this last year and continues to grow thanks to more mobile devices and smart technology. Search engines will continue to put a premium on mobile first sites, especially as on-the-go customers look for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase.

Organic Content Is Still Important

Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results

Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results. We are seeing more discerning consumers now—people who don't like being pitched or sold to. They ignore messages if they can tell they’re advertisements.  As marketers, this means two things—one, you should strive for genuine word-of-mouth, and continue to nurture organic content; and two, try to get more creative when it comes to content marketing.

New Ways to Search

By the year 2020, about half of all searches will be voice searches. Smart technology has gone a long way, and with improving speech recognition, typing onto a keypad may become a thing of the past.

Growth in Local Search Marketing

particularly those looking to gain a better market share over competitors who don't take search marketing seriously.

Not only is local search usage increasing, but trends also point to mobile devices influencing billions of dollars in local sales. This means local SEO will continue to be important for small businesses, particularly those looking to gain a better market share over competitors who don't take search marketing seriously.

Google Will Strive To Monetize Local Spaces

New lead-gen models may potentially be released in the future as Google aims to monetize more of the local and maps space via Google Adwords.

More SERP Features

In the same way that Google shows live scores, weather and flights in the search results, it’s expected that the company will experiment with new ways to keep customers on the search results page to enhance the user experience.

Video Content Is Expanding In Certain Niches

Video Carousels, Featured Videos and Suggested Clips will dominate certain niches that are instructional or DIY.

Business Proximity-to-Searcher Still Plays An Important Role For Local SEO

Websites Need To Be Designed With Responsive Design In Mind

Google has stressed that the proximity of a searcher to a local business will always take precedence compared to the quality of content in a local search. With mobile searches becoming the norm in 2019, relevance will be prioritized based on distance.

Answers and Featured Snippits Will Drive Search

With People Also Ask boxes exploding last year in 2018, it’s apparent that Google wants to answer questions across as many devices as possible, rewarding websites with succinct and well-structured answers. As marketers, we should be striving to focus on answers that will leave visitors wanting more quality content and establishing ourselves as credible brands based on user intent.

Organic Search Topics Will Replace Search Queries

In 2019 we’re going to experience a decline in individual search queries as Google aims to enhance the search experience in terms of satisfaction across entire topics, which will change how we got about performing keyword research.

Reviews Still Make A Competitive Difference

Generate Positive Reviews To Entice Customers To Choose Your Business

One third of local searches are made with the intent to read reviews. Local businesses will need to have a good brand reputation in order to stand out among other brands that don’t prioritize good customer service with reviews serving as a ranking factor for SEO.

Most SEO Is Off-Page

Most businesses believe on-page content is what makes up SEO when really it’s the backlinks, social signals, social media, directories, and other “off-page” practices that are proven to be the most valuable when getting your website to rank in the search results. Link building will still be one of the most important optimization techniques in 2019 to build site authority and rank well against the competition.

SEO Needs To Be Synergistic with PPC

Statistics show that using one approach isn’t enough when getting the best ROI for your SEO and paid search campaigns. To increase interaction and drive more clicks to your website, marketers will need to combine both organic and paid channels to capture as much of their target audience as possible in the search results.

What Will Be The Trending SEO Technique and Strategy For 2019?

Out of the 11 trends that I've listed, local search optimization will be the trending SEO technique for 2019. As more customers are gravitating to using smartphones for their searches, and Google's proximity relevance for ranking, businesses will need to step up their local optimization game by targeting specific locations rather than ranking for national keywords.

How Can I Improve My SEO In 2019? 

If you want to optimize your website for search engines, it's important to answer customer's questions through quality content that focuses on overall topics rather than individual search queries.

Where Is SEO Heading In 2019?

Beyond local marketing, Google is planning to offer more SERP features to offer searchers the best experience possible based on relevant content. Google is aiming to answer questions, with video serving as a huge media to quickly capture audience attention in the search results. While it hasn't evolved quite yet, voice search is trending to become a new way for customers to search, which will open up many optimization opportunities as we explore a brand new technology.

SEO 2019 Predictions and Trends Wrap-Up

I hope you enjoyed my predictions for SEO in 2019! What are your predictions or trends that you foresee happening in the future for SEO? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
Infographic URL: https://seotribunal.com/blog/stats-to-understand-seo/

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