Redirect Loops: What Are They & How To Fix Them

Brandon LazovicMay 7, 2021

Redirect loops are a common source of frustration for website owners. They can happen when you have two pages or images on your site that redirect to each other, creating an infinite loop of redirects. If this happens to you, don't panic! This blog post will show you what redirect loops are and how to fix them.

What Is A Redirect Loop? 

A redirect loop is when two pages or images on your site redirect to each other. This creates an infinite loop of redirects and can be very frustrating for website owners, because it causes visitors that are going from one page to another on the same site to bounce back and forth between them with no end in sight.

Common Causes Of Redirect Loops

One of the most common causes of redirect loops are poor redirect configuration settings on your backend that are causes by CDN rules or your CMS.

How Redirect Loops Impact SEO

Redirect loops can impact SEO in a number of ways. For example, Google PageRank is lost when redirects are involved and it becomes hard to tell what pages on your site visitors have viewed because the URL will keep changing.

A redirect loop also causes increased loading times for users that visit any page within the loop. This not only slows down their experience but also impacts how fast search engines can crawl your website which could lead to decreased rankings or even being removed from SERPs altogether if you aren't able to fix this problem quickly enough!

Lastly, redirect loops cause poor user experience because they aren't able to view the content on a desired web page because they're constantly being redirected from Page A to Page B, and Page B to Page A, which will most likely cause them to bounce and abandon your website.

How To Find Redirect Loops

There are a few ways in which you can find redirect loops that are plaguing your website. One option is to use the Redirect Path browser extension. Ahrefs also allows you to find redirect loops in its site audit feature.

Be sure to clear your browser cache beforehand to ensure that you aren't finding false positives.

How To Fix Redirect Loops On Your Website

Once you have downloaded the redirect loop report from your site auditor, it'll be easier to identify the pages on which these loops are taking place.

You can then take action and fix them by going through every link and lifting the improper 301 redirect rules to break the loop.

As we mentioned before, redirect loops pose an SEO risk because they break user experience and cause search engines to penalize your website's ranking. To solve this problem quickly enough, ensure that when placing links within content only use absolute URLs in order to avoid any ambiguity that might lead to infinite rewrites or redirects!

Difference Between Redirect Chains & Redirect Loops

There are subtle differences between redirect chains vs. redirect loops that you should be aware of.

A 301 redirect chain is when you have multiple redirects in place that eventually lead to your destination URL. So Page A redirects to Page B, but Page B then redirects to Page C.

This isn't ideal from a search engine optimization standpoint, because with each 301 redirect, you lose link value, which hurts the overall rankings of your destination page. It also eats up your website's crawl budget, which can prevent priority pages from being indexed and ranked on the Google search engine results pages.

To fix redirect chains, you simply point the original URL to the final destination URL (so Page A redirects straight to Page C, rather than Page B). You can find 301 redirect chains using audit tools like Ahrefs or Screaming Frog.

In the grand scheme of things, redirect loops are significantly worse for SEO than redirect chains.

What are Redirect Loops and How Can I Fix Them?
What are Redirect Loops and How Can I Fix Them?

Redirect loops happen when you click on a link and it takes you to another page. But instead of the new page loading, your browser just reloads the original web address again. It's like your browser is stuck in an infinite loop! In this video, I'll show you how to fix redirect loops so that they don't interrupt website visitor's browsing experience.

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