5 Reasons Why Your Website's Domain Authority Is Declining

Brandon LazovicJuly 4, 2021

When it comes to search results, your Domain Authority rating is a crucial indicator of how well you'll do. To help your company rank higher in search results, you should work on improving your domain rating. It will boost your chances of ranking higher. Improving your Domain Authority score may be a time-consuming and challenging process.

Sometimes despite all the efforts, your domain score starts falling for some reason. Don't worry; I am here to tell you the reasons behind your domain authority's downfall. I will also suggest some tips to increase your domain authority to boost your ranking. Let's get started!

How important is domain authority?

The domain authority of a website is a simple method to understand how Google ranks web pages. A lot of secrecy surrounds Google's ranking algorithms and how the search engine determines which websites will rank for specific keywords. 

The most realistic depiction of the search results landscape is domain authority. It is essential to understand why certain websites rank better than others in search results. 

Those with higher domain authority (DA) perform better than sites with lower domain authority (DA). Therefore, there is a clear connection between high DA ratings and better ranks on search engine results pages.

How Can I Find Out A Website's Domain Authority?

As soon as you understand the concept of Domain Authority, you'll want to verify your own Domain Authority score. You may check your domain score using a variety of different tools available. Let's take a stare at our favorite tools for evaluating your website's performance.

DA Checker by Prepostseo

Prepostseo is one of the most used website DA checkers since it allows you to check the domain authority and page authority in bulk, which is very convenient.

A vital feature of the Prepostseo domain authority checker is that it enables users to simultaneously verify the domain authority of up to 500 links. This functionality allows consumers to save time while still receiving a timely response.

The Prepostseo domain authority checker determines the backlinks, which, using the Moz meter, determines whether or not the links are spam. As a result, one may get complete information on spam links and a thorough authority check.

DA Checker by Dapachecker.org

Dapachecker.org is another program that can use in the same way as the previous one. When using this DA Checker, you can check the domain authority of a maximum of ten URLs simultaneously. It is a fast tool that can check domain authority in bulk, which is why most businesses choose it for DA verification.

What Are The Causes For Your Domain Authority Score Dropping?

Every day, hundreds of thousands of new pages hit Google’s index, some of which may be more relevant while others may be of better quality. If websites improve their search ranks due to publishing new material, then your website's search rating is likely to suffer as a result. A link on your page with a lower domain authority will impact the search ranking of your site.

Following are some of the main reasons for domain authority declines.

  1. The Design of the Website and Its User Interface

What is the most critical indicator of a successful website? It features a straightforward interface that users may quickly get used to. A website receives many visitors, each of whom has a varying degree of technical proficiency. The majority of them are not willing to put in the effort to create complicated layouts.

Websites with a complicated and difficult-to-understand interface get a less number of visits. Most people are not interested in spending time learning how to browse a website. Whenever the DA score of a website starts to decline, website owners should look at how complicated the layout is. Do consumers have access to a sitemap that allows them to navigate across various pages? Briefly stated, if the design is difficult to understand, it should change immediately.

  1. Content is not up to the mark

Creating a company via the use of a website is not a simple undertaking. The fact that you are operating an online shop for consumer electronics does not imply that this is the only choice accessible to customers. Why would consumers choose your brand over the products and services offered by competitors?

The content of your website would determine everything. It should be devoid of plagiarism and easily understandable to all readers. In the long term, having unique material will improve the popularity of your website in search engines. It is critical to do an originality check on your material if you want to enhance the overall grade of your published material.

Reduced domain authority results from low-quality content on a website. Webpages that do not update their material sometimes typically stay little on the DA index.

  1. Google penalties

Websites engage with black hat SEO penalized by google. Google is known to punish websites that use unethical SEO techniques. However, even if content managers do not employ these methods, their sites may be penalized by search engines due to low-quality backlinks.

Websites are now being penalized for low-quality links after Google's Penguin update. If they are engaged in link schemes that intend to inflate search engine ranking positions, this results in a lower DA score of your website.

  1. Unhealthy Backlinks

A significant distinction exists between getting backlinks and acquiring effective ones. A faulty backlink is just as detrimental as not possessing one at all. It improves the likelihood of not receiving sales leads as a result of this.

If any of the hyperlinks broke, anybody who attempts to access them would be sent to a non-responsive 404 page. It creates the appearance that the website is experiencing technical difficulties or is currently being modified. In addition to lowering the overall traffic count, the DA score suffers as a consequence of this.

Website owners should maintain a close watch on their domain authority score at all times. If everything seems to be in order, but the DA score is not rising, each linked component should investigate further to determine the cause.

  1. Bad User Experience

On a website that is difficult to browse, Google will have a tough time ranking it as authoritative because such websites do not offer a positive user experience. The User Experience refers to the whole process of interacting with a product, business, system, or service and includes all points of contact, interactions, and perceptions of users.

It would be best if you had a precise navigation bar as well as a sitemap on your website so that your visitors can find their way around. If your page takes longer than 2 seconds to load, you should focus on increasing your site's performance.

How to Increase Your Domain Authority Score?

  1. Obtain Links From Websites With A High Domain Authority.

Obtaining backlinks from high DA websites is very beneficial in increasing your domain authority and increasing your page authority. Furthermore, there are many avenues via which you may get authority backlinks to expand your link profile.

For starters, guest blogging is a fantastic method to do this. It is similar to trading a piece of content for an inbound link to your website. The greater the Domain Authority of a website is, the more effective the backlink will be.

  1. Remove Or Reduce The Number Of Spammy Links.

It is not just about obtaining high-quality backlinks. It is also essential to avoid getting many spammy blogs to link to maintaining a high domain authority. Specifically, in terms of search engine results, Google has become more adept at disregarding spammy connections rather than punishing websites that include them.

However, it is still necessary to clean up your link profile regularly by doing a link audit, manually deleting spam links, or dismissing them.

  1. Unique Content

If your material is not visually appealing or of good quality, you will not attract visitors. To keep your readers' attention, pick subjects that are both interesting and relevant to their needs and interests. If you produce articles frequently and advertise them via your sponsored and earned channels, you will see improved ranking.

  1. Domain Age

Obtaining a domain for years is the most efficient method of increasing your domain score. The longer you hold a domain, the more quickly your score will rise in the rankings. Please keep track of the expiration date of your domain since it may have a significant impact on your domain authority score.


The domain authority is an essential element to consider when determining how excellent or terrible a website is. Illegitimate businesses may create visually stunning websites to attract the attention of potential customers. Please keep track of your domain authority score and recover it with the strategies mentioned earlier when your score falls.


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