RankIQ Review: SEO AI Tool For Grading Your Content

Brandon LazovicJune 3, 2021

RankIQ is an SEO AI tool that grades and ranks your content. It analyzes the text of your post or article, looking for key words to help you optimize it for search engine rankings. If you are looking for a keyword research tool to help you rank higher in Google's organic results, then RankIQ might be just what you're looking for. Read on to find out more about this program and how it can improve your ranking capabilities!

Introduction to RankIQ

Below we'll quickly walk through what RankIQ is, how it works, and if it's the right tool for you.

What is RankIQ?

RankIQ is a keyword research tool created by Brandon Gaille that analyzes the text of your article or post, looking for key words to help you rank higher in Google's organic search results.

How does RankIQ work?

This tool uses IBM's Watson AI to analyze topics that you feed it to provide SEO outlines and keyword research for your articles. Based on the analysis, it will then provide you with the following elements:

Using these common elements, RankIQ will then grade your content, giving it a score of up to A++. This grade is based on comparisons of your top competitors for a given query, and will advise you to have a higher word count or content grade if you want to rank above them in the search results for your target keyword.

Is RankIQ right for me?

RankIQ is a great fit for you if:

  • You're a SEO manager looking to step your content game up and outrank your competition
  • A writer looking to optimize your written content before publication
  • An editor that wants to update old content to rank higher in the search results
  • Or even a website owner that wants to take their organic presence to the next level through proven research using an AI tool that requires little to no SEO knowledge

RankIQ Features

Below we'll go over the best features that RankIQ offers.

Keyword Library

This unique function is among the newest features introduced by rankiq. Brandon has created a list of handpicked low competition keywords for over 60 different blogging niches.

RankIQ is a great time-saver for beginner bloggers who have not yet mastered keyword research. They should still learn how to do proper keyword research, but RankIQ will be of great assistance at the beginning stages.

Selecting the right keywords for your site is vital if you want it to rank well in the SERPs. It’ll better serve as a starting point that can lead to success with little help long-term.

The information in the keyword library is presented in a table and displays competitor scores; how many searches per month the keyword generates; and how long it may take to rank on the first page of Google for that keyword.

SEO Report

After using the keyword library to generate topic ideas for your website to target, you can then plug them into RankIQ's SEO report tool. Again, this tool uses IBM's Watson AI to analyze the top 30 search results. The report is then divided into four different sections:

Summary Targets

This section of the report will display word count and the content quality score that an article needs to meet if they want to rank on the first page of the Google search results for its target keyword.

Competitor Analysis

This next section will show the top 3 competitor articles that provide the most thorough content that ranks for that target keyword that you may want to emulate.

Title Analysis

The Title Analysis section looks at the top phrases used in competitor titles to determine which words you should also be using as you craft your page header for the best chance of ranking.

Content Analysis

And lastly, RankIQ will provide a list of sections or suggested topics that you should most likely include in your own content body to serve as an outline as you draft your article.

Content Grader

Beyond the SEO report, you can leverage RankIQs content grade optimizer to ensure that your content hits the required grade to rank ahead of your competitors.

This is done by including specific keyword phrases in your H1, subheads (H2s and H3s), as well as LSI keywords within your article.

The content grader will analyze these changes over time, and as you wrap up your content, you can filter to see which related keywords have gone unused, so you can go back and include them to improve your content grade.

It will also show you the frequency in which those words are used throughout competitor articles, so you can try to hit that target range as well.

RankIQ Pros

The following are reasons why you should use RankIQ:

  • It's easy to use with no learning curve
  • Easily generate a list of hundreds of relevant keywords to target for your niche
  • Remove the guesswork of determining what word count or keywords to include in your content as you write it
  • Great support from Brandon Gaile and his team for handling customer questions or concerns
  • Cheap compared to other competitor tools
  • Fantastic SEO outlines to help kickstart the writing process
  • Saves a lot of time and effort for determining what SEO elements to include in your content

RankIQ Cons

The following are downsides of the RankIQ tool:

  • It's a brand new product that may need more time to flesh out any potential bugs
  • Other tools are available for lifetime licenses, rather than monthly subscriptions
  • Offers a limited amount of SEO outlines per month

RankIQ Pricing

RankIQ is currently available for $49 / month and provides 16 article outlines that reset at the first of the month. However, this price won't last forever and will eventually bump up to $99 / month in the future.

RankIQ Alternatives

Below are two other RankIQ alternatives that you may want to consider.


Clearscope was created by Bernard Huang and is an industry standard for most enterprise-level SEO programs.

It offers much of the same functionality as RankIQ, ranging from competitor analyses, content grading, and keyword research for your selected topics.

However, it's much more expensive than RankIQ, starting at $170 / month for 20 reports.


Outranking.io is another SEO content grading and brief tool that analyzes the top search results for your target query.

One thing that Outranking.io does well is it pulls common subheads and related questions from competitors and allows you to include them in your content brief in as little as two clicks.

It also has an AI writing assistant in beta that will allow you to generate small paragraphs of content for your given subheads without having to do the manual work of writing it yourself.

This is also a newer tool that has a lot of new features launching later in its life cycle, but it's a great alternative to RankIQ that starts at $29 / month for 30 SEO briefs.

Surfer SEO

Another comparable competitor is Surfer SEO, offering the same functionality as RankIQ for $59 / month with 25 content outlines. One benefit of Surfer SEO compared to RankIQ is that it offers a lot of integration with other tools such as Conversion.AI to help with your SEO research workflow.

Is there a free alternative to RankIQ?

Right now there aren't any tools available for free that can match the functionality that RankIQ offers.

Is RankIQ Safe To Use?

RankIQ is very safe to use. It's a great tool with a fantastic support team to help answer any questions or pain points.

Final Verdict

RankIQ is a fantastic SEO research and content grading tool. It's worth the investment, especially if you're an early adopter jumping in at $49 / month.

I highly recommend giving it a try - in some ways it's even better than its competitors at a significantly cheaper price point.

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