Planoly Review: How To Use Planoly To Auto-Post On Instagram

Brandon LazovicMarch 30, 2020

In the past Instagram’s API made it impossible to schedule content and auto-post on your behalf, forcing users to set post reminders and physically submit photos and premade captions to the platform for upload. With the latest API changes you can now auto-schedule content using services like Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Planoly. While I’ve used several of these services, Planoly offers the most robust features that will assist you in setting up your content calendar on Instagram; this post will explore how to use Planoly for auto-posting on Instagram.

What Is Planoly?

Brandy Pham, the creator of Planoly, gave birth to her first son in 2013 and relied heavily on her e-commerce business to drive jewelry brand sales on Instagram. Her husband Andy Pham saw a correlation between driving more sales through posts, but Brandy found it to be time consuming.

As written on Planoly’s Our Story Page, “Her process was shooting/editing photos during nap/feeding times, e-mail images to herself, edit & arranged a ‘fake’ feed in Photoshop, type captions on Evernote, and set alerts to post each photo.”

This spurred the need for a more effective visual planner for Instagram with a designer and editor’s point of view that was simple, clean and easy to use.

Planning Posts with Planoly

Like I mentioned earlier, Planoly makes planning posts simple through its visual content calendar grid. All you need to do is drag your desired photos into the Add New Media bucket, add your description, hashtags and set your desired time for upload! The bucket will allow you to see what your picture will look like once posted and shows your remaining @’s and hashtags you can use in your post.

With Planoly you can also schedule video or photo stories, set up hashtags buckets for immediate reference in your posts and draft content before upload. It serves as a mobile app and a website, allowing you to easily upload photos from your computer and then post them onto Instagram on your phone or vice versa.

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When I started stepping up my Instagram game, one of the biggest challenges that I faced was scheduling content. Reminder apps weren’t helpful because I still had to post in real-time and some services I tried using weren’t able to sync up to my Facebook Business Profile so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the auto-post feature they offered.

I was left with sending my photos to FB messenger to download onto my phone, writing up captions, hashtag lists and website URL’s to copy onto my phone’s clipboard, and switching between Instagram and Facebook multiple times just to upload a single photo. Planoly has saved countless hours of time through the services it offers in a single place to schedule my content on a weekly basis.

Discover Feature for Reposting

How to Use Planoly to Auto-Post on Instagram Discover Tab Planoly Photo

One of the coolest features that Planoly offers is its ability to discover new content based on searchable hashtags, allowing you to quickly repost content.

Reposting has offered the most growth on my Instagram channel, but it’s a pain to copy the post’s URL to get the photo onto my phone, copy the repost description/hashtags and send it to myself on FB messenger and attribute the original poster alongside hopping between platforms to upload that single photo.

This is no longer the case as Planoly allows you to instantly plan your desired photo, displaying the original post and copying the attributed channel when setting your description.

Planoly’s Discover Feature also offers stock photos to use in reposts, which can be helpful depending on what message you’re trying to send out to your audience.

Analyzing Engagement Using Planoly

How to Use Planoly to Auto-Post on Instagram Engagement Tab Photo

Another cool feature that Planoly offers is its ability to show the metrics and engagement of your Instagram channel. You can view your followers, posts, likes, comments, average likes and comments per post, as well as your follower gain/loss from week to week.

On the Planning Tab Planoly displays the number of likes and comments your posts received, but you can also view this on the Analyze Tab.

Viewing Instagram Post Comments

How to Use Planoly to Auto-Post on Instagram Comment and Replies Tab Photo

The other feature I want to highlight on Planoly is that you can track and reply to comments on your posts within the platform itself. It can be difficult to reply to every comment as they come through in your notifications, making it a Godsend that Planoly performs some of the legwork in that regard.

How Much Does Planoly Cost?

Up until recently you had to pay to use Planoly, but now they offer a free plan that allows you to schedule up to 30 posts per month! This post limit resets on the 1st of every month and the free plan has a few limitations in tracking metrics and comments, but it’s great for users who aren’t posting more than 8-10 times a week.

The Solo Paid Plan allows for unlimited posts and tracks comments on your 15 latest posts (at the time of writing it costs $9 a month or $7 a month if paid annually). If you’re utilizing more than one account, the other plans have more options available to suit your needs, such as the Duo plan for $15, or the custom plan starting at $23. I've found that the cheapest paid plan works perfectly for my content scheduling needs. You can also now use Planoly to upload video, so if you're in need of a good video editing software, check out my DaVinci Resolve Review.

Setting Up Your Planoly Account for Auto Posting

First, you need to create your Instagram Business Profile if you don’t already have one.

Instagram Account Settings

Go into Instagram, tap the gear icon and tap “Switch to Business Profile.” Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, you also need to have a Facebook Page to associate your Instagram Business Profile with. Private Instagram accounts can’t be converted to Business accounts, so make sure yours is set to public.

How to Use Planoly to Auto-Post on Instagram Discover Tab Planoly Instagram Gear Tab Photo

Planoly Account Settings

Once you sign up for Planoly, go to the menu in the top right corner and select “My Profile.” Within that dropdown menu you’ll want to click on “Managed Accounts.”

Planoly Auto Schedule Guide Photo 2

Click on “Auto Post” and choose which Instagram account you want this enabled for. Again, you’ll have to authenticate direct Instagram Publishing with your Facebook Page, so follow the steps highlighted in Planoly that will walk you through the authentication process.

After that it’s all a matter of turning on “Enable Direct Instagram Publishing” and you’ll be ready to automatically post your content to Instagram!

Planoly Auto Schedule Guide Photo 3

Using Planoly To Auto Post From Instagram To Facebook

Last summer Planoly launched the ability to auto post your Instagram content to Facebook. When your content is ready to schedule, make sure the Auto Post toggle is on in the Planoly dashboard. After scheduling your desired date and time, your content will be published on Facebook as long as it meets all the image size requirements.

In order to enable this functionality, you must be subscribed to one of Planoly's paid plans. Your Instagram account must also be linked to a Facebook business page.

Auto Post Videos On Planoly

Looking to auto post videos onto your Instagram? Planoly offers users this functionality as well! Like I mentioned in the last paragraph, you must be subscribed to a premium account in order to use this feature.

Which Is Better, Later or Planoly?

Both offer very similar features, ranging from having content libraries to store images/videos, scheduling and auto posting capabilities, KPI dashboards to track engagement metrics, and sections devoted to content discovery. I would recommend checking both out and seeing which one you prefer, as they're both great tools.

Does Planoly Automatically Post?

Planoly allows you to share your Instagram posts directly to your connected Instagram or Facebook page when scheduling auto-posts. You can utilize this feature to post your photo's caption, content and location tags.

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