Plagiarized Content - How It Hurts Your Keyword Rankings

Brandon LazovicJuly 6, 2021

Every website ranking factor depends on the foundation of quality content. There is fierce rivalry among the many websites attempting to improve their search engine position via the use of relevant and original material.

However, it is a sad truth that plagiarism is becoming more prevalent nowadays. Several websites have plagiarized material, which is one reason why there has been a lot of duplication of information on the internet. In the end, websites face a decline in ranking.

In this post, we will talk about how plagiarism affects SERPs and what we can do to avoid it. Let's get started!

What Exactly Are Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)?

A search engine results page, often known as a SERP, is the page that appears when you submit a query into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or another similar service. The search engine results in pages (SERPs) influence how your website appears on Google's first page.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism defines as taking credit for the work of other content creators without their permission. The act of presenting someone else's work or ideas as your own considers plagiarism. Plagiarism may harm your search engine optimization.

Users may choose to report you, which may hurt your website's ranking and SEO. Site crawlers and bots are also capable of detecting plagiarized material on a website.

This shouldn't be considered the same as duplicate content, which is an entirely different SEO issue.

Google Will Not Provide a High Ranking to Plagiarized Material

Previously, individuals could generate traffic by uploading repeated material densely packed with keywords. Because search engines have updated and improved their algorithms throughout time, this is no longer the case.

People are experimenting with various strategies to remain on the first page of search results. However, the practice of exploiting other people's labor to boost your traffic and rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) has come to an end. It is better not to steal since it may result in severe consequences.

Effects of Plagiarized Content on SERPs Ranking

Below we'll discuss the various different effects plagiarized content has on SERPs rankings.

Reduced Backlinks to Website

If your website's material is found to be plagiarized, your website's reputation on the internet market will suffer. Sites that provide backlinks to your website may choose to delete their affiliation to protect their reputation. It will hurt your website's SEO, and its ranking on search engines will suffer a significant drop.

Unsatisfactory User Experience

As previously said, the user experience is significant to Google. Suppose a visitor discovers numerous pages with the same material or shows information similar to that seen on other famous websites. In that case, they are likely to suspect that your website is a hoax.

As a result, you will lose credibility and trust in the eyes of Google and customers. Ultimately all this will lead to the deterioration of SERPs ranking.

Plagiarism Hurts Site Reputation

The fact that the information you're attempting to duplicate or paraphrase is already an exact copy of highly-ranked content. It will not only affect your site's ranks, but it will also have an impact on your site's reputation. In the end, your keyword rankings will suffer as Google chooses not to display your content because it already exists on a different website that already ranks well.

How to Avoid Plagiarism Effects on Website

Below we'll walk through different ways you can avoid plagiarism on your website.


Using correct cites and references may help you prevent plagiarizing your work. Citations that are complete and accurate enable you to acknowledge the author correctly. When attribution is duplicated, material may accept more readily. You may also use quotations in your text to ensure its security. 

Write From a Fresh Perspective

Consider doing in-depth study instead of rehashing your previous ideas to see if you can get a new perspective. It's a good practice to go outside the box and come up with something new.

Make Use Of The Paraphrasing Method.

To describe anything from its context and then rewrite it in your terms is what consider paraphrasing. The syntax of the material alters in the paraphrased texts to make the author's primary point more concise. There are a variety of paraphrase tools available that may assist you in quickly flipping the text. However, it would help if you picked a tool that rephrases the text using artificial intelligence algorithms, such as Quillbot.

Hire an Expert Writer

You should employ dependable writers who are well-versed in the dangers of plagiarism. Not only are you saving money on your investment, but you are also taking a positive step in the direction of SEO.

Use of Plagiarism Detection Software

You will protect a great deal of time if you use plagiarism checker software to determine whether or not you wrote the identical thing again. And if you discover even a single instance of plagiarism, you must make every effort to eliminate it. 

There are a lot of online plagiarism checker tools available. One of my favorite's ones is:

You've probably come across a long number of plagiarism detectors on the internet., on the other hand, provides the most effective tool of all of them. You won't have to be concerned about how it works or how well it is understood. This tool designs to meet the needs of those working in the writing industry.

A writer will need to copy and paste the information into the text field. When you are finished, click on the option that says "Check for Plagiarism." You will see how much of your material copy and how much of it is original in a matter of seconds.

You should also use if you want to check for plagiarism fast and efficiently without any hassles.

Because of the excellent interface, you will not have to spend much time getting to know the program and its capabilities. Furthermore, you will not be required to create an account with the site.

This online plagiarism checker is a free tool, and all you have to do is copy and paste your content into it. Every writer will benefit from the tool's efficiency, speed, and ease of use.


Plagiarism on the internet is not only unlawful, but it is also detrimental to a company's bottom line. You are aware of what it means to be at the top of the search results page. When your website receives an SEO penalty for duplicate or plagiarized content, it may hurt your SERPs ranking. Make sure your online material is original and offers a new perspective to avoid falling into this trap.

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