Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018

Brandon LazovicAugust 5, 2018

Hey there ladies and gentleman, welcome back to this month’s personal branding strategy and KPI check-in for Laz’s Lounge! Like I did last month, I’ll be walking through how I performed on my social media and website for last month, providing insights into what was successful, what didn’t work and what my goals are for August! Let’s just jump right into it.

Laz’s Lounge Website Metrics

Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018 Website Metrics

July proved to be another record-breaking month as I had more than 2,229 pageviews, which doubles my goal for last month! Google has finally begun ranking a few of my articles in the top-10 search results that have a higher volume of searches.

For technical SEO I recently installed a new caching plug-in called WP Rocket, which has significantly improved my site load speed from 15 seconds down to 2.3 seconds on average.

With my bounce rate I was able to reduce that from 32 percent down to 11 percent, but unfortunately my time spent on site is averaging 1 minute and 30 seconds, which is something I need to improve on.

I downloaded a WordPress Plugin called Scroll Depth that sends signals to Google Analytics as users scroll to the 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent mark in my posts based on how far they’re scrolling to read.

As far as social media goes, my referral traffic was significantly down this month barring traffic from LinkedIn, which I can attribute to not engaging or posting frequently enough on social media compared to June.

My goals for August include hitting:

  • 3,000 pageviews
  • 1 min. and 45 second session duration
  • 10 percent bounce rate

To accomplish this, I plan on writing more posts per week that will include one long-form content, a short tip post for social media or digital marketing, my weekly photo challenge with an accompanying tutorial video, my weekly podcast and a vlog every week. I might also incorporate weekly live videos on my drives home from work into the mix, but we’ll see how that goes.

The email opt-in form that I included on my website is slowly picking up subscribers through Mail Chimp, so I hope to carry that momentum heading into this month.

I also have areas of opportunity for boosting posts on Facebook and doing more paid search, which should help drive more traffic to the site.

Facebook Metrics

Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018 Facebook Metrics

Similar to last month, Facebook continues to be a thorn in my side when it comes to garnering likes and followers, although I did pick up three more last month, so the additional traffic coming into my site seems to be bleeding out to my social media channels for followers or subscribers.

This month I had 18 clicks on my links, 1,402 total reach and 105 engagement on my posts, or a 7.4% engagement rate.

My strategy of repurposing content and incorporating more videos on Facebook without direct outbound links seems to be playing well with Facebook’s algorithm, so I plan on turning up the mix on posting content to 3-4 times a day on the platform to keep that momentum going.

Like I mentioned earlier, boosting posts will be a good way to potentially get more exposure and likes to the page, but I need to start reviewing supplementary material to set up campaigns properly to really maximize my spend on paid ads.

Here are my Facebook metric goals for August:

  • 1500 Reach
  • 120 Engagement
  • 8 Percent Engagement Rate

Twitter Metrics

Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018 Twitter Metrics

I’m surprised with how many impressions my Twitter had this month as I deviated from interacting with other users and participating in Twitter Chats. Having said that, my overall engagement was down with my content, but my impressions were sitting at 30.2k, I gained 76 new followers and 11 link clicks to my website.

This month I decided to break the bank and subscribe for Buffer’s Pro Plan, which allows for 100 scheduled posts per social media account, so I can post more tweets to be pushed out alongside using IFTTT to maximize the short shelf life of tweets.

I also plan on participating on 3 Twitter Chats per week, cramming them all in on Wednesdays to get a different perspective in various industries while connecting with new people. Below are my goals for August:

  • 35k Reach
  • 200 Tweets
  • 1,250 Followers Total
  • 20 Link Clicks

Instagram Metrics

Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018 Instagram Metrics

Instagram had mixed results this month. While I did receive 11,000 impressions, my engagement fell short at 10,341 while I gained 55 followers, which was less than anticipated. Again, I can chalk this up to posting less and not engaging enough with other users on the platform.

Like Facebook, I plan on turning up the amount of original content and repurposing content into short videos and quotes to garner more engagement. I’ve found that video, my photo challenges and quotes perform the best when I post them on this platform, so I need to run with it for August.

Here are my goals for August:

  • 1,800 Total Engagement
  • 11,000 Impressions

LinkedIn Metrics

Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018 LinkedIn Metrics

I’m happy with how LinkedIn performed this month. As far as referral traffic for my website, LinkedIn beat out Facebook with 42 link clicks, which can be attributed to more frequent posting in LinkedIn Groups. I’ve also been more centric on digital marketing and tip videos, which have resonated the most with my LinkedIn followers alongside more personal content. Overall I had 3,790 views on all of my posts, although engagements per post were a little lack at 35 total interactions.

Like Facebook and Instagram, posting short snippits from my audio and video content might go a long way in boosting these numbers, but here are my goals for August:

  • 40 engagement

I might also try my hand in repurposing old content into short blog posts that direct more traffic to my website for the full post or more content, but we’ll see how that goes and I’ll report back in September as to if it was successful or not.

Pinterest Metrics

Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018 Pinterest Metrics

As far as Pinterest goes, I haven’t been very active on the platform and rely on my Instagram content feed through from IFTTT to pin content to specific boards. The numbers were good in consideration of that as I hit 4,176 monthly viewers and 59 engaged users.

My social media tips and photo challenges are the top performing boards on the platform, so that content resonates the most with my audience on Pinterest.

I need to do some design revamping of my boards alongside joining a few Pinterest Groups to see if that moves the needle like it did on LinkedIn last month or create one infographic a week to maximize engagement on a single pin.

Here are my goals for August:

  • 4,500 monthly views
  • 65 monthly engaged

YouTube Metrics

Laz's Lounge Personal Branding Strategy and KPI's for August 2018 YouTube Metrics

With YouTube I’m happy to see my views heading in a positive direction on the platform, which can be attributed to producing more tip videos for a regular posting schedule. My total watch time was 167 minutes, while the average time spent on my videos worked out to be 2:03 minutes and 81 total views.

To add to my content mix, I plan on producing 360 videos to accompany my photo challenges and finally start vlogging weekly, which I failed to do last month. Here are my goals for August:

  • 200 minutes of watch time
  • 2:30 second duration

Things I Need To Work On For August

While I’m heading in the right direction, there’s always work to be done in the world of digital! I’ve become consistent in producing more content, but my problem is finding the time to schedule it on my social media platforms, which caused a reduction in overall referral traffic compared to previous months. I also need to get back into engaging on social media instead of relying on my content mix to garner results.

As video takes the social media world by storm as the best way to reach your audience, I’m slowly shifting to repurposing my audio and video content to appeal to LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook audiences with captions to still capture that audience who watch those snippits without sound.

I talked about this in my latest podcast episode, but Gary Vaynerchuk shared some tips on how to go about repurposing content, which I have taken a chapter out of to implement in my social media curation strategy.

Alongside producing this kind of content, I also need to revamp my web design to include an About Me Page, a Discloure Page to be GDPR compliant, as well as tweak my MailChimp newsletter design to be more appealing as the number of email subscribers grows.

Last month I became recertified in Google Analytics and Adwords, opening my eyes to the possibilities and just how far I can go in analyzing what’s working and what needs to be improved on for Laz’s Lounge, which will help when implementing search ads and Facebook paid ads in the future.

I also need to do more guest posts for backlinks to help with the SEO and boosting my domain authority; my plan is to maybe write 1-2 more posts per month to slowly move that needle and see what results it garners so I have a better chance of competing for higher difficulty keywords.

Laz’s Lounge Personal Branding and KPI’s Final Thoughts

I hope you found this post to be helpful and I would leave to hear your thoughts/feedback in the comments section below! Let me know if this guide will help with growing your target audience, enhancing your social media profiles and your online presence!


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