LinkedIn Creates New Services Listing Option For Freelancers

Brandon LazovicDecember 3, 2019

LinkedIn rolled out a new feature that allows users to fill out a “Services” section and showcase the services that they offer, which may prove to be useful for freelancers as well as businesses seeking these services.

Listing Linkedin Freelance Work

The feature was first posted by Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known social media code hacker in the industry. In her screenshot it appears that users will fill out a new field that asks them to “Add services you offer”.

Jane Manchun Wong showcases potential service listing option feature for freelancers on LinkedIn.

After filling out this field, LinkedIn profile visitors will be able to view what services you provide beneath your LinkedIn bio. The services may also appear in relevant on-platform searches if you were to search for freelancers in your field.

With more than 56 million Americans working as freelancers, LinkedIn has been maximizing user data to assist users in find relevant matches for both recruiters and job-seeking professionals in the industry.

This new feature goes hand-in-hand with another post from Wong from what appears to be a “Find A Service Provider” option in LinkedIn’s post composer, which is similar to LinkedIn’s Profinder Tool for freelancers and simplifies listing freelance work on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has also taken steps to integrate new features in their platform, ranging from its Find Nearby Feature and QR code to connect with people at professional conferences.

LinkedIn Seeks To Emulate Services Like Fiverr

If LinkedIn launches the “Find A Service Provider” feature, it could provide competition to other similar online platforms such as Fiverr with its large userbase of 260 million active monthly users. However, it’s unclear if LinkedIn will create a revenue-generating model to take a cut from each successful transaction like it does with Profinder.

What is LinkedIn Profinder?

LinkedIn has its own freelance marketplace built into the platform that allows freelancers to match with members whose requests for work match your listed skills.

Freelancers are required to apply to become a service provider, but once approved they can view requests and submit proposals right from their LinkedIn inboxes.

The only downside to LinkedIn Profinder is that freelancers must pay $60 a month after submitting their first 10 proposals; a common workaround is to utilize the search feature and filter for contract and part-time positions.

Why LinkedIn Is Important For Job Seekers

The professional social networking group has launched other new features that will assist job-seekers in finding new jobs. As quoted by LinkedIn:

“We’ve rolled out some new features to help job-seekers be the first to see new job opportunities, discover key job title insights, and quickly find learning courses to help them on their job hunt.”

New Job Notifications

As soon as jobs are posted, job-seekers can sign up for mobile push notifications that will show them new jobs within minutes of them being posted so they can be the first to apply.

Job Title Highlights

If you’re searching for a job title on LinkedIn, users can now see the top skills and qualifications associated with those roles, aiding them in sprucing up applications and resumes based on those listed skills that are generated from other user profiles.

Users will also be able to see the top companies hiring for that role as well first-degree connections with that job title.

LinkedIn Learning

Anyone that needs to refresh or learn new skills now have the option to enroll in LinkedIn learning courses. When searching for a role, users will be met with several learning course options as personalized recommendations based on their individual needs.

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