Inflact (Ingramer) Review 2021: Pricing, Features, and If It’s Legit To Use

Brandon LazovicJuly 15, 2021

Are you looking to drive more organic followers and likes to your social profile on Instagram? 

Automation tools like Ingramer can help save time and effort in growing your brand. They also reduce costs that you may allocate to paid ads to generate a larger following. 

However, it can be difficult trusting an automation bot to perform actions on behalf of your account. 

Read our Inflact (formerly Ingramer) review, where we talk about its main features, pricing, and if it’s safe to use for your Instagram profile. 

Did Ingramer Change To Inflact?

Before we dive in, you might be wondering if Ingramer has changed. Ingramer is now owned by Inflact. It still offers the same functionality and tools, but has been rebranded.

Inflact (Ingramer) Pros

Let’s start with the pros of Inflact

  • The website itself has a HTTPS SSL encryption
  • Packages and pricing are transparent and visible
  • There are verified gateways for payment information
  • Contact information is readily available
  • There are real reviews on the site from existing clients

Inflact (Ingramer) Cons

Here are the cons we found when using Inflact: 

  • The tool uses Instagram bots and puts your account at risk for getting banned
  • It’s also in violation of Instagram’s terms of service
  • 24/7 customer support isn’t always responsive
  • There isn’t a FAQ or help page available for new users to reference

Main Features Of Inflact (Ingramer)

Next, I’ll walk through the various feature that Inflact offers: 

Hashtag Generator

Performing research by hand for hashtags to use can be time consuming and tedious. Inflact offers its own hashtag generator that you can use to find multiple suggestions of hashtags for your posts. 

All you have to do is add a few seed keywords and it will offer a list of sample hashtags to pull from. 

I’ve also written a guide on the most popular Instagram hashtags and how to find the right hashtags for your posts. 

IG Downloader

Do you want to save all posts from a profile? The IG downloader let’s you do this with one click, saving you time and effort. They also have a video downloader and profile downloader that perform the same function.

IG Search

You can find users, services and goods on Instagram easily using IG Search. 

IG Analyzer

This tool helps you come up with promotion strategies on Instagram without manual optimization. 

Auto Messaging

Inflact will automatically leave messages on user posts in an attempt to drive engagement and followers to your brand. 

You have the ability to customize the message that you want Inflact to leave, as well as the types of accounts you would like Inflact to leave comments on. The bot will draw upon information that you input, such as hashtags, locations, and specific users. 

Auto Like

Auto liking is a common feature of most Instagram bots. Inflact will like accounts on your behalf using a sample list of hashtags, locations, or specific usernames. 

This type of feature can help you gain followers because liking someone’s post will display a notification - sometimes those users will check out your account and follow you if they’re interested in your content. 

Auto Follow

Auto following works similarly to auto liking. Inflact will follow specific accounts using your targeted hashtags, locations, or users. 

This tactic is better than auto liking, because people are more inclined to follow an account that has followed them (assuming interests align and they dig your content). 

Auto Direct Message

Do you hate replying to user DMs on your phone? Inflact created a way to receive Instagram messages directly on your PC and Mac to save time engaging with interested clients. 

You can use this tool for all of your accounts - you don’t need to log in and out of each IG account. 

The dashboard also offers the following functions: 

  • Message Search
  • Sidebar with information about the profile you’re engaging with
  • Details about the user - you can fill in their phone number, city, address, etc…
  • Chat Labels
  • Leave Notes about customer statuses
  • Fast replies

Instagram Direct Chat - CRM Integration

This functionality is convenient for communication with customers and can also help boost your sales when integrated with your CRM of choice. 

Trending Hashtags

Another extension of the hashtag generator, Inflact let’s users find trending hashtags in their specific niches. This tool shows what other users are using in their own posts, so you can emulate those hashtags to increase your organic reach. 

Smart Unfollow

A common tactic for improving your brand presence is to follow a lot of accounts, hope that they follow you back, and then unfollow any account that hasn’t followed yours. 

However, Instagram has caught onto users leveraging bots to automate this process and has banned a lot of bot applications from taking this sort of action. 

As a work around, Inflact allows you to set certain criteria before it unfollows an account, ranging from time frames to engagement with your own profile. 

Easy Analytics

Inflact makes it easy to see what kinds of actions it’s taking on your profile. Its dashboard is accessible, user-friendly, and will show what activities were performed such as followers and likes that were generated through its automation. 

Post Scheduler For Instagram

Looking for an Instagram post scheduler? Inflact offers users the ability to upload images/video, add descriptions and locations before scheduling out content for upload to your Instagram page. Aside from Inflact, I’ve personally used Planoly and Buffer, which are great alternatives. 

Stories Viewer

Inflact can watch Instagram Stories on behalf of your account. It will monitor up to 100 profiles and save their stories for you to access at a later date. 

Inflact (Ingramer) Pricing

Now that we’ve covered the Inflact features, let’s jump into their pricing model. 

Inflact offers a monthly subscription service, but the price points change depending on what features you’re leveraging. 

Inflact (Ingramer) Auto Promotion Service

This feature sets up automated interactions with your target audience and allows you to set: 

  • Likes for profiles that you follow/don’t follow
  • Chose a number of likes to leave for each profile
  • Like user’s feeds and comment sections
  • Targeted filters for gender/language
  • Blacklist for certain hashtags, locations and profiles so Inflact avoids those types of users

The cost for this is $57/mo.

Schedule Posting

Adding scheduled posting to your plan increases the cost by $18/mo. This provides the following features: 

  • Automated scheduled posting
  • Carousel posting
  • Stories and gallery posting
  • One dashboard for 10 accounts
  • Smart growth of follower base

Direct Messages

The direct messaging feature costs $29/mo for one account. Here are the features included with this package: 

  • One online chat for all accounts
  • Bulk direct messaging
  • Follow-up Auto-Responses
  • Auto-Reactions
  • AI-Optimized Search Function for DMs

Inflact (Ingramer) VPN Service

As a precaution to ensure your account doesn’t get blocked, it’s recommended to get a VPN for your account. Inflact offers this for $10/mo.

Hashtag Generator

In order to use Inflact hashtag generator, you’ll have to pay $34/mo for this tool. However, Hashtag Trends is free to use. 

Instagram Downloader

The Instagram Downloader can bulk save photos, videos, stories and profile posts in full-size/high-resolution at the cost of $4/mo. 

Free Trial?

Unfortunately Inflact doesn’t offer free trials to users on its website. It can also be daunting to set up all of these a la carte services if you aren’t familiar with Inflact, or leveraging an automation bot for social media.  

How Safe Is Inflact (Ingramer)? 

Now that we’ve walked through Inflact's features and price points, let’s talk about how safe Inflact actually is. 

About Inflact (Ingramer)

Inflact claims to be a self service growth tool that helps users grow their Instagram profiles through automation services. 

Inflact (Ingramer) Follower Count On Instagram

Surprisingly, I wasn’t able to find a verified account for Inflact on Instagram. There are several accounts out there for Inflact, but it’s hard to say which one is the real social media handle. 

Regardless, these accounts only have several hundred/thousand followers each, which is concerning for a tool that promotes services to boost your organic reach/engagement on Instagram. 

Website Trust Signals

Inflact has 455 reviews using Trustpilot - they appear to be authentic reviews as well. 

The only concerns are when visiting the website - Inflact doesn’t link any of their social media handles. They also don’t have their team highlighted anywhere on the website. This isn’t an immediate red flag, but the Instagram growth industry can be a bit shady. It’s a good trust signal for a tool or service’s team members  to publicly associate themselves with the brand. 

Customer Support

Customer support is reported to be hit or miss. I personally didn’t have any issues reaching out for help, but other users have mentioned that they aren’t able to get responses from Inflact's 24/7 support line. 

General Tips For Using Inflact (Ingramer)

If you plan on using Inflact, here are a few recommendations to follow: 

  1. Always connect a VPN to your profile to prevent your account from being blocked. 
  2. Don’t use other services simultaneously on Instagram if you’re using Inflact automation. This can cause your account to be band for spammy activity. 
  3. Use Spintax format when auto-messaging to customize your messages and ensure that you aren’t being spammy with boilerplate messages. 
  4. Read Inflact's Privacy Policy and User Agreement. That way, you’re fully aware of what you’re getting into and won’t be burned on their automated monthly payments. 
  5. Look up some YouTube videos or Inflact's blog for tips and best practices when setting up the service. 

Bottom Line: Should You Use Inflact (Ingramer)?

Using automation tools like Inflact come with inherent risks to your account. There are reasons why people are keen on avoiding follower apps for Instagram so their accounts aren’t flagged or banned. The number one rule to follow is ensuring that your activity appears human and authentic. 

I often see users make the mistake of scaling their automations too quickly, which leads to spammy behavior, and Instagram banning their accounts because of the flagrant spam. 

Start your automations at lower settings, let them run for a few weeks, and slowly ramp up if you aren’t seeing the progress you’re hoping for. It’s better to play it safe, than automate too quickly and get your accounts permanently blocked/banned by Instagram. 

While I love using Jarvee for my social media automation, Inflact is a great tool for growing your brand on Instagram.

I recommend that you give Inflact a try - it’s a good tool to use  if you want to grow your organic following without doing a bunch of manual work. 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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