The Importance Of Promotional Videos And SEO

Lauren CopelandApril 23, 2021

When we talk about SEO, promotional videos aren’t often the first thing that comes to mind.

But did you know that promotional videos are a great way to compliment the rest of your SEO efforts?

Below, we’ll look at how and why you should be using this unconventional tactic to help boost your website’s presence in the search engines and drive a ton of free, organic traffic your way.

The Rise Of Video Marketing

Realistically, SEO has more to do with the keywords used on your website and in your blog posts. 

However, over the years, consumers have gradually lost their attention span, which means that people now prefer watching videos rather than reading blog posts and website copy. 

Don’t make a mistake; written copy is still essential for your SEO success. 

But suppose you genuinely want to capture the attention of your potential customers to attract, engage, and delight them with your brand. In that case, you should think about creating promo videos about your brand, its products or services. 

Why else do you think the world’s biggest brand names like Coca-Cola and Nike regularly put out videos that can be viewed and shared on the internet? 

It’s because it helps consumers remember their names! 

That said, don’t forget to include your business name and branding at the end of your videos to ensure your viewers know who you are. 

You can get help creating logos and other graphics for free on Logo Creator.

What Are Promotional Videos? 

A promo video is any type of video created explicitly to help promote your brand and its products or services. 

This includes short animated teaser videos, business introduction videos, product explainers, or any other type of video used to get the name of your brand out there! 

Generally, promo videos are between one to two minutes in length. However, depending on the topic or purpose of the video, they can sometimes be a bit longer. 

Why Are Promo Videos Important To SEO? 

When we talk about SEO, generally, we’re talking about on-page website optimization, which includes adding popular and relevant keywords to your website copy, meta-descriptions, tags, and more. 

But you can also optimize videos hosted either on your site or on platforms like YouTube to help them rank better in the search engines. 

Ways That Video Marketing Can Improve Keyword Rankings

Video marketing can improve the keyword rankings on your website in a number of ways, which we'll cover below:

Enhances The Quality Of SEO Content

Video marketing can enhance the quality of SEO content, with blog posts and videos containing a video embedded within them being ranked higher in SERPs.

It can also generate rich results to entice users to click through to your website, driving more organic traffic and user engagement when they go to watch your video on the page.

Users Will Spend More Time On Your Site

Realistically, there are dozens of factors search engines use to rank websites. One of these is your bounce rate

When you have many people land on your site but leave quickly without performing any action, this causes you to have a higher bounce rate. 

On the other hand, if people spend a long time on your pages, this leads to a lower bounce rate. 

Having and maintaining a lower bounce rate can help improve your SEO rankings. 

Videos Will Generate More Backlinks

Because of engagement and interactivity, having videos on your website can result in more backlinks being generated.

Backlinks are one of Google's biggest ranking factors. By generating quality backlinks from relevant websites in your industry, you can improve your keyword rankings as websites link to your videos or content.

Promo Videos And Search Engine Real Estate

In terms of SEO, the more web pages, blog posts, and URLs you have pointing to your site, the more likely search engines will find your content and serve it up to their users when they search for relevant keywords. 

Essentially, for every URL you own, including each video you have hosted on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, you get one extra chance to be found by search engines. 

Plus, when you host videos on these platforms, aside from the keywords you’ll use in the headlines and descriptions, you can also place links in descriptions that point to your site. 

Truthfully, these links won’t offer much of a boost in SEO since they’re usually no-follow links. 

However, they can still help direct people back to your website, which is one of the most important reasons for using promo videos to compliment your online SEO efforts!

4 Ways To Optimize Your Videos For SEO

Now that we've discussed the benefits of leveraging promotional video content for your SEO efforts, let's walk through 3 ways that you can optimize your videos.

Perform Keyword Research For Your Topic

Keyword research is the very first thing you should do when it comes to video marketing.

This step is critical because your video will be competing against other videos for rankings, and a good chunk of this competition could happen on YouTube's search engine results page (SERP).

You want to ensure that your topics contain keywords that people are actively searching for on either Google or YouTube so you can capture that traffic by getting users to click through and watch your content, rather than your competitors.

Add SEO Keywords To Titles and Descriptions

To ensure your videos are properly optimized, you’ll need to use your keywords in your video headlines, descriptions and meta tags. 

Furthermore, when you place videos on your website, whether at the top of your blog posts or on your landing pages, they also help keep people on your site longer, so keep in mind where you're placing your videos on your web pages.

Add Video Transcripts

Adding video transcripts will help boost the SEO of your web pages. This is because search engines are crawling the text in a web page to determine its relevance to users; not just how many times keywords show up on that site or webpage, but how relevant they are to each other and whether there's enough of them.

If you have audio-based content like podcasts, or promotional videos, you can create a blog post or web page with the video embedded, alongside a transcript of the video for Google to crawl and index for your target topic in the search results.

Video Content Outreach

Another great way to get video content found by Google is to focus on outreach and generate backlinks.

Reach out to other bloggers and influencers in your niche who have large followings, asking them for a shout-out / interview with you about the topic of the video. You can also ask for a link back to your website, or see if they'd be interested in embedding the video on their own page!

How Does Video Marketing Help With SEO?
How Does Video Marketing Help With SEO?

This video answers the question of how does video help with SEO! Video marketing is a powerful tool in any online campaign. It can increase traffic, create an emotional connection to your brand and convert more customers. But what about SEO? How do videos rank on Google? In this video I share tips for ranking higher on Youtube that will also help you rank better on Google.

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