How To Add A User To Bing Webmaster Tools

Brandon LazovicDecember 1, 2020

Are you wondering how to add a user to your Bing Webmaster Tools account? 

Whether you want to share data on your website’s organic performance or update settings within Bing Webmaster Tools, read our latest guide that will walk you through how to add a user to Bing Webmaster Tools in 5 minutes. 

Step 1: Log Into Bing Webmaster Tools

First, you’ll need to log into Bing Webmaster Tools to start the process of adding a user. 

Step 2: Select Your Website

Next, you’ll select the website that you want to add a new user to. 

Step 3: Click “User Management” Tab 

Once you’ve selected your website, you’ll click the “User Management” tab. This screen will show you what users have already been added for this property, their user permissions, and when they were added. 

Click on the “Add User” button. 

Step 4: Enter Your User’s Email Address

After you’ve clicked on the “Add User” button, you’ll then add your user’s email address that they’ll use to sign into the property. 

Step 5: Enter The Top Level URL Of Your Website

You’ll also need to enter the Top Level URL of your website, or the root domain. You can also only provide access to certain parts of the website, depending on if you only want a user to view information regarding a specific subdomain or subfolder on your website. 

Step 6: Select User Role

After entering the user’s email and access scope, the last step is to select an appropriate user permission level. Below is a quick overview of what each access level allows: 


Administrators have full permissions for the property, allowing them to do pretty much anything from adding other users, changing site settings, or pulling site data. 

Read Only

Read only permissions on Bing Webmaster Tools only allow users to view data. They don’t have the ability to edit any settings or information within a given site property. 


Read-Write permissions in Bing Webmaster Tools offer a mix between an administrative role and a read only role. Users with this permission level can edit some settings and access the site property’s data, but not administrative privileges like adding/removing other users from the account. 

Step 7: Click “Add User” 

After you’ve selected an appropriate user role, all you have to do is click “Add User” and you’re all set! It usually takes 5 minutes for the user to receive a notification in their inbox that they’ve been granted access to the property. 

All they have to do is sign into Bing Webmaster Tools using the email address you added to the account. 

How To Add A User To Bing Webmaster Tools (2021)
How To Add A User To Bing Webmaster Tools (2021)

Wondering how to add a user to your Bing Webmaster Tool account? Read our latest guide that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

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