How New SBOs Can Create Positive Engagements With Their Clients and Customers

Vanessa HolwellAugust 18, 2021

Did you recently open a small business? Even before the official launch date arrives, most new entrepreneurs begin working tirelessly on one common objective: attracting clients/customers. No matter your industry, you can easily spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising. However, building a sizable audience requires more than clever ads. As most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you, being able to effectively engage with your audience is a top strategy for customer acquisition and retention. 

Read our latest guide to learn about several top strategies that you can begin using immediately to create positive engagements with your potential customers.

Develop an authentic voice on social media that is relatable and creative

Crafting effective social media posts is an art. Posting about your latest products and services isn’t enough to get people excited. While this type of content has a time and place, your overall aim shouldn’t be to sell in an obvious way. Instead, your goal should be developing an authentic, on-brand voice that resonates with your current and potential customers. Rather than sticking to a ridgid, templated style of posting, let your creativity run wild.

For a new business owner, this is often easier said than done. If this strategy makes you feel slightly uncomfortable, begin asking questions about your audience. What do they find humorous? What quotes or advice will most resonate with them? What do they value most in life? You should also consider what kind of personality you want your brand to have. When you begin answering questions like these, you’ll be in an excellent position to create or outsource your social posts.

Make your business an efficient machine

Your customers’ most valuable asset is their time. Part of creating positive engagements and interactions is honoring this knowledge. Making your business as efficient and user-friendly as possible — for both you and your customers — can result in positive reviews and an outstanding reputation.

For your customers, make sure that every interaction is effortless. From customer service needs to ordering, streamline everything to its simplest form. Don’t make people jump through extra steps whenever possible. You should also take steps to streamline internal processes for maximum time savings. Selecting an LLC for your business structure results in less paperwork and easier behind-the-scenes operations. After researching your state’s unique requirements for forming an LLC, you can make the initial setup process even easier by using a formation service

Provide helpful, SEO optimized blog posts

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is crucial for ranking well on search engine websites. Unfortunately, when writing blog posts, too many entrepreneurs focus on SEO over quality content. Prioritize both helpful content and SEO requirements for best results.

Be responsive

Lastly, always be responsive. Timely replies to comments, requests, and complaints are essential for creating positive engagements. Leaving your customers without meaningful answers puts your company in a bad light (often publicly), so always stay on top of communication — both positive and negative.

Begin using these helpful strategies right away to create positive interactions from day one. Even when the work gets challenging, do whatever you can to leave your customers feeling better than when they first approached you.

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