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Writing is one of the most difficult and daunting tasks for a wide berth of people in the world. Whether there’s trepidation from the use of passive voice, simplifying phrases, or making simple grammar and spelling mistakes, the act of opening up a word document can bring about a sense of impending dread. Luckily there are editing programs available to help aid in the task of writing, with the Hemingway Editor serving as a robust tool that will enhance your writing skills.

Hemingway Editor: Simple and Effective

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Hemingway Editor keeps tabs on your adverb usage, passive voice, alternatives to phrases and difficult to read sentences in real time. Users have the ability to directly write in the online browser-app and the Hemingway Editor will highlight ways you can improve your sentences in a variety of colors.

As I’ve gotten more ingrained in SEO and optimizing my posts, one plug-in that I’ve been using is Yoast SEO. This plugin will analyze your written work and if it’s optimized, but it also serves as a tracker for how readable your posts are. While Yoast makes suggestions on improving readability, it doesn’t show you which sentences are impacting the readability score based on K-12 grade level.

Hemingway Editor is a great compliment to this plugin. Through making edits in the app itself, my readability scores have improved.

Here's a screenshot of the Hemingway Editor tool and how it tracks your writing.
Here's a screenshot of the Hemingway Editor tool and how it tracks your writing.

Hemingway Editor Is Great For Writing Foundation

I want to preface that the Hemingway Editor, while a great tool, isn’t the end-all be-all that will transform you into an amazing writer. The Hemingway Editor provides the foundation and structure that will allow you to sharpen your work, but there is a point where foundation and structure should be cast aside.

Everyone has their own voice and style and writing that develop with time. Even in rigid structures with MLA, APA and AP styles each author has an individual voice that makes their work unique.

The Hemingway Editor is refreshing in that adopting a blogger-style of writing has made me break out of the confines of structured writing. This also made my writing deviate into long sentences filled with unnecessary adverbs and phrases. Using this tool has made me aware of when my sentences are too long and adding unintentional filler.

There are times when long sentences are unavoidable and adverbs or complex phrases add a certain color and tone to the voice of your piece. Structure and foundation are great for beginners, but writing is about self-expression and there isn’t a place for rigidity in a writer’s world.

The Hemingway Editor is great for touch up and polishing your pieces, but it isn’t a magical tool that will escalate your skills to the upper echelon of authors.

Laz’s Question of the Day: Hemingway Editor Afterthought

If you’re writing a piece, be sure to try out the Hemingway Editor and let me know what you think of it in the comments below! I enjoy using it, but I would love to hear different perspectives on the tool.

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