Google Search Console: What Does it Mean When Your Pages Are Crawled – Currently Not Indexed?

Google Search Console: What Does it Mean When Your Pages Are Crawled – Currently Not Indexed? image 0 Beginner’s Guide

Google Search Console: What Does it Mean When Your Pages Are Crawled– Currently Not Indexed?

Brandon Lazovic, May 1, 2021|SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Google Look Console is a fantastic tool to have for any type of local business owner. It gives valuable info about the performance of your web site in Google’s search engine result, and informs you when as well as why pages are not indexed. This article will explore what it means when your website are crept however not indexed by Google, along with some ways to get them re-crawled and also back into the index to ensure that they appear on web page 1!

What Does It Mean When A Web Page Is Crawled Yet Not Indexed By Google?

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  • 2 Reasons that A Page May Not Be Indexed
    • 2.1 Negative Interior Linking
    • 2.2 Poor Quality Web Content
    • 2.3 Replicate Content
    • 2.4 Click-depth Is Too Long
  • 3 Exactly How To Obtain Google To Crawl As Well As Index Your Pages
    • 3.1 Examine The Page Making Use Of Google Search Operators
    • 3.2 RSS Feed Links
    • 3.3 Paginated URLs
    • 3.4 Out-of-date Supply Pages
    • 3.5 301 Redirect Issues
    • 3.6 Pages With Thin Material
    • 3.7 Pages With Match Material

The indexing standing in Google Look Console informs you which pages have or have not been found by the Web pages creeping. However it does not tell you whether they eventually will be, and just how to repair any type of issues that might make them invisible in the meantime as component of your search engine optimization efforts.

Nevertheless, we can presume that:

  1. Google can crawl the web page and took the time to do so
  2. After creeping the web page, Google made a decision not to index it in the search results page

Reasons that A Page May Not Be Indexed

There are numerous reasons that a web page may not be indexed in the search results by Google. Below are a few reasons this might be taking place to your site web pages:

Bad Internal Linking

When a website is crept but not indexed by Google, it means there are as well few web links indicating the web page. Add much more inner links pointing at pages higher in your internet site’s design– these will assist drive more traffic to those essential pages.

Low Quality Material

Pages without Google indexing may have been placed on the back heater since they don’t seem extremely important to Google. See to it that you have actually covered every one of your consumer needs and also are supplying helpful material with higher quality than competing pages so as to get these indexed.

Duplicate Material

These pages might be near-duplicates in terms of material compared to various other site web pages (this usually occurs with shopping product web pages). To remedy this, add approved tags to your preferred variation of the websites.

Click-depth Is Too Lengthy

As well couple of clicks will leave necessary web pages fairly unidentified due to inadequately optimized crawl spending plan. 4 clicks or much less from the homepage is an excellent general rule to make certain that your websites are viewed as essential by Google, in addition to assisting with individual navigating so visitors can discover as well as uncover these web pages conveniently on your web site.

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Exactly How To Obtain Google To Creep As Well As Index Your Pages

Now that we have actually discovered typical reasons that your web pages are being crept, yet not indexed by Google, let’s go through a couple of ways to get Google to index those pages that are being crawled.

Examine The Web Page Making Use Of Google Look Operators

First, you’ll intend to actually check and see if those website that are being flagged in Search Console are actually indexed.

Make use of a site driver on Google like “site:” to see if that page is indexed– if it is, then no activity is needed! It’ll simply take a while for Look Console to update its information base to show that the link is both crawled and indexed.


This is a common instance that we see in Search Console for this problem. The majority of RSS feed URLs with have something like/ feed/ appended to the end of the link. Most of the moment, RSS feed URLs are connected within a XML document, so there’s no demand for Google to include it in its index because offering a XML file to users would offer an inadequate material experience.

Paginated URLs

Paginated Links are another reason that the “crawled– currently not indexed” standing will certainly show up in Look Console. While Google will certainly make use of pagination as a method to crawl as well as discover content on a website, it does not always need to display paginated Links in its search index.

Outdated Inventory Pages

Outdated stock pages can also cause this condition being shown in Google Look Console. When Google checks to see the accessibility of a product as well as locates that its either out of stock or expired, this isn’t an useful to users and also will certainly decide to not index those types of web pages.

The simplest option for this concern is to analyze your supply and make certain that items aren’t being incorrectly provided. A good way to automate this is to examine your web pages utilizing a Shrieking Frog crawl, particularly if you’re making use of the OutOfStock schema markup type.

301 Redirect Issues

A 301 redirect concern is also a most likely offender for pages being crept however not indexed.

The very first point to do when you see this on Google Browse Console is confirm that there’s no error message displayed in the console, which would suggest an intermittent trouble with your 301 redirects.

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If all seems well, check your spider logs and make sure they show the web server response code of 200 whenever it experiences a page throughout its crawl. If these do not match up after that you’ll need to take care of either the crawling or indexing concerns before proceeding with any kind of various other actions.

Most of the time, Google may index a web page that is being 301 rerouted to a new web page, so it’s indexing the 301 redirect as opposed to your new location page.

If this is an issue on a lot of URLs, a remedy is to create a short-lived sitemap utilizing all the URLs detailed in the crept– currently not indexed report in Browse Console.

This will aid with Google crawling your new destination URLs much more regularly than it otherwise would lack the short-lived sitemap.xml documents in place.

Pages With Thin Web Content

If your pages deal with thin content (less than 300 words on the web page), after that Google will certainly select to not index them due to the fact that they aren’t valuable to the individual experience.

This often happens with product listings on ecommerce internet sites. The remedy to this trouble is to simply add even more content to those websites to promote a much better user experience.

Pages With Duplicate Material

If your pages are replicating their content from various other web pages on your site, then this may create Google to not index them.

The option is to develop a new web page with special and also valuable details that’s unassociated to any one of the other pages on your website. This will certainly aid prevent replicate material issues in the future because as long as there are no web links in between those 2 sets of pages, it’ll be fine for Googlebot to creep both versions without causing problems for either one.

A couple of methods for adding material to these kinds of pages is to develop vibrant tags that will insert extra one-of-a-kind material for every specific web page (like ecommerce item listings). You ought to likewise make sure to remove as much boilerplate copy as feasible to better diversify these kinds of web pages from each other.

What Does It Mean If A Website Is Crawled: But Not Indexed?

If you’re fretted that your website was indexed by Google, however it’s disappointing up in the outcomes, this video is for you. In this video we’ll discuss what it suggests if a site is crawled: however not indexed!

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