Cogi recording app brings something new to the table

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Cogi recording app brings something new to the table

Brandon Lazovic, November 29, 2016|public connections

Reporters and public connections practitioners typically discover themselves conducting meetings or enduring lengthy meetings with audio recorders in hand, prepared to capture every word and piece of information for use in an article or news release. The greatest headache of recording everything, nevertheless, is filtering through 2 hrs of audio listening and recording vital information from these lengthy meetings or interviews. One means to avoid this is by utilizing the totally free Android application Cogi Voice Recorder, which relocates away from large audio data in favor of videotaping the highlights of a discussion.

How It Functions

The Cogi Voice Recorder is reasonably easy to use. As soon as a customer launches the application they tap their display to begin a session. When the user starts a session, Cogi begins paying attention, but not videotaping the discussion. The customer will touch the emphasize button to begin videotaping what was stated and tap again to stop recording. Cogi will remain to pay attention until the user stops the session.

What makes this recorder special is its capability to rewind for audio highlights due to the fact that it’s listening to the discussion, however not in fact recording it. A customer can choose in the highlight setups to rewind 5, 15, 30, or 45 seconds once they tap the display to highlight. This way if something essential or interesting is stated, an individual isn’t clambering to hit the emphasize switch and lose out on part of the conversation.

Cogi likewise lets a user type notes while an audio session is taking place so they can conserve them for later; it also permits individuals to release their phone’s electronic camera to take a picture, which will display on the session evaluation page.

Once the session is finished customers can review it in the following tab, which shows any type of photos or notes taken as well as the day of the session. Cogi sustains identifying sessions with the name of several of a user’s phone calls for looking. It likewise uses Twitter-style hashtags to add descriptions for sessions; nonetheless, it does not enable tags to be made use of on private highlights.

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The Rewards of Cogi

Cogi Voice Recorder is a great method to videotape the highlights of a discussion, providing customers the ability to include notes as well as pictures to a session for future recommendation. The application is cost-free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Shop.

Cogi is extremely simple to use as well as set up as well as also has rates prepare for added features beginning at $15 a month. Paying for the Cogi application enables customers to tape and highlight conversations of telephone call, in addition to transcribe tape-recorded sound for $1.50 a min. This can be extremely useful for journalists or PR practitioners that get on a time crunch and can not swiftly transcribe audio themselves.

Cogi’s Limitations

The biggest restriction of Cogi Voice Recorder is the specifications of the phone it’s utilized on. Cogi is completely dependent on the microphone embedded in the phone, so the taping high quality is restricted because of this. To minimize this problem, customers can connect a microphone into the 3.5 mm headset jack of their device to catch higher quality sound.

On a Samsung Galaxy S7 Side the audio top quality was excellent, although it isn’t the greatest for separating noise and also will get the rustling of documents or anything that isn’t an individual’s voice. The individual’s voice is likewise exceptionally louder contrasted to any person else speaking. It’s comparable to discounted audio recorders, but can’t compete with the top quality located in costly equipment.

While a user can change the description of the audio file in the application, they can not alter the file name, so if they intend on transferring the sound data to another tool the data names will certainly remain unblemished and also unreadable.

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Cogi is great for recording highlights, however since it has actually restricted storage space (500 totally free megabytes) an audio recorder would certainly be much more reliable if a reporter or public relations expert needs to tape a meeting in its entirety. An hour long satisfying downloaded as an MP3 data occupies regarding 113 megabytes of space; this doesn’t consist of highlighted pictures.

Battery life is also an issue, as the app will certainly somewhat drain pipes a phone battery. On a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge the intake wasn’t as well radical, however on older phones that have shorter battery lives this app may posture an issue if it’s used for lengthy meetings or meetings.

Last Judgment

Cogi Video Clip Recorder is a helpful app that’s basic, simple to make use of and also great for journalists and public relations specialists who prefer ease of access and convenience of use. Nevertheless, the usefulness of the application is reduced for individuals that have an excellent quality sound recorder or make use of a DSLR camera to take images.

The greatest draw is that it’s totally free, so individuals do not have to pay out thousands of dollars on equipment as well as materials that they need to carry around anywhere. The capacity to videotape phone conversations and also have actually audio recorded under the paid strategy is additionally an attractive feature of the application.

Lots of recording applications in the Play Store attempt to merely reinvent the wheel. The Cogi Video clip Recorder app really brings something brand-new to the table and ought to be taken into consideration by anybody that doesn’t currently very own premium quality recording equipment.

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