The Future Content for Laz’s Lounge

Since the creation of Laz’s Lounge in 2015 I’ve written several articles pertaining to the journalism and public relations industries. Now that I plan on establishing a more consistent posting schedule and was hired at a digital marketing clinic this summer, I want to give everyone a quick update regarding what to expect in these upcoming months for content.  Continue reading “The Future Content for Laz’s Lounge”

Photography is a necessary skill for future journalists

As newsrooms are projected to decline in the next eight years and journalists are tasked with 24/7 deadlines, job prospects in the field may seem scarce. With competition as fierce as ever, many students and college graduates are learning new skill sets beyond exemplary reporting and proficiency in AP Style. One of the most important things that journalists should learn how to do in the digital age is simple, but often overlooked: learn how to use a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera.  Continue reading “Photography is a necessary skill for future journalists”

Adidas apologizes for ‘you survived’ Boston Marathon email

Laz’s lessons in learning how to avoid negative PR

Due to internet permanence and instantaneous feedback, it’s important for anyone online to think about what they’re posting before it’s broadcasted on the newsfeeds of thousands of people.

Adidas failed to consider this when sending out a newsletter to its Adidas Running subscribers on Tuesday, April 18 with an email subject line that read: “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!”  Continue reading “Adidas apologizes for ‘you survived’ Boston Marathon email”

Marketing vs. public relations: what is the difference?

Most people often find it difficult to distinguish between the fields of marketing and public relations. The line between both professions has only muddled as companies begin to move toward a “one-stop shop” model of communication, complicated through the recent implementation of social media into spreading campaigns and communicating with the public. Despite both fields taking on some similar tasks, there are key differences between public relations and marketing.

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Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Timeline: How It All Started (Updated)

Residents of Flint, Mich. have struggled to obtain a water supply that isn’t contaminated with lead and other pollutants, dating back to the city’s decision to draw from the Flint River in  2014.

This decision stemmed from the city having an accumulated deficit of $25.7 million in 2011, as city officials believed that switching from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to the Karegnondi Water Authority as its water source would save them money in the long-term.

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What resources do you use to land an internship in college?

Throughout college one of the biggest challenges that any student faces is trying to find an internship in their profession, whether it’s for experience or meeting the requirements for their program. One of the greatest resources available that I’ve utilized to find internships are the ones provided through the university.

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Personal ethics and what they mean to PR practitioners

In one of my public relations classes at Eastern Michigan University the following questions were posed by a student in an online discussion: “Is it important for PR practitioners to know their personal ethical guidelines to be able to be unbiased when working with a client’s personal ethical guidelines as well? In crisis situations which ethical standards should you represent?”

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