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Brandon LazovicApril 22, 2021

Search engine optimization is a vital part of any website. The better your WordPress site ranks in the search engines, the more likely it will be that people find you and buy from you. One way to improve your ranking is by implementing schema markup on your website. Schema markup allows for better discovery of your content through sites like Google and Bing, as well as increasing click-through rates on social media platforms such as Facebook. 

Schema plugins can make this process much easier for WordPress users who are not familiar with HTML code or CSS coding. In this article, we'll discuss some of the best schema plugins available for WordPress users and show how they work!

What Is Schema Markup? 

Schema markup is a series of HTML tags that can be used to provide additional information about the content on your page. This data helps search engines understand what type of page they are and how it should rank in their index. 

Schema markup has the added bonus of potentially creating what are known as rich results for your website, which can help entice users to click on your web pages more in the search results. 

Adding Schema Markup For Your Website

There are two main methods for adding schema markup to your website - either manually in your site’s <head> section as JSON-LD code, or through automation / plugins. 

If you want to save time, or don’t have a lot of technical knowledge on writing schema markup, you’re in luck! This article is going to walk through several schema markup plugins that are available on WordPress to help you streamline the process of adding the right types of structured data to your website. 

Schema Pro

The Schema Pro plugin is a great choice for adding schema markup to your WordPress website. 

With Schema Pro, you can simply install the plugin and then activate it in order to add all of the necessary schema code that will make your site show up better on search engine results pages (SERPs) such as Google’s SERP. Once activated, you don’t have to do anything else! You just need to be sure that any time you create new content or update old ones with new information, not forgetting about updating the appropriate tags so they are compliant with what each type of page should say in terms of metadata.

Schema Pro supports the following 13 structured data types: 

This plugin does cost $79/month, or $249 for a life-time purchase, although there is a light-weight, free version available as well for use. 

WP Review Pro

The WP Review Pro plugin is a great tool for adding review information to your site. It supports many different formats, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

It also comes with all of the features one would expect from a good plugin: support for WooCommerce and membership-based sites; seamless integration into WordPress’s native rating interface; approval before published (unless disabled); manual editorial control over what reviews are shown on which pages as well as where they show in relation to each other when more than two exist; and compatibility with Booking Calendar Pro if desired! 

Here are other top features this plugin offers: 

  • 14 schema types
  • Pre-made review templates 
  • Several different rating systems to use 
  • User comments and ratings
  • Can use this plugin with any WordPress theme
  • Supports for Google, Facebook and Yelp reviews
  • Clean code optimized for use on Google

WP Review Pro costs $67/year for the schema plugin, or $99/year to access all of its other premium themes and plugins for use on a singe site. 

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

One of the simplest WordPress plugins is All in One Schema Rich Snippets, which provides you with snippets for products reviews, voice reviews on local events and software applications. All In One currently has 90,000 installs and 4/5 star rating from WordPress users.

This is a very basic plugin and comes with all of the essentials needed to generate rich snippets for your priority posts and pages.

The only downside of using this plugin  is that it isn't updated - you'll have to insert the schema markup manually for each web page.

This schema plugin is actually made by the same creators as Schema Pro. If you're trying to decide which one is the best option for you, Schema Pro is best used for larger online businesses that require more automation or unique markup designs. If you're just starting out, All in One Schema Rich Snippets is a great way to test the waters without spending any money on more complicated schema plugin services.

The cost of All In One Schema Rich Results is... free! You don't pay anything to install or use the plugin.


WPSSO Core is a great schema markup plugin that offers multiple schema types, support for AMP, and generates meta tags / schema for existing site pages through automation. It will also output info to other social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, as well as search engines. It currently has a 4.6 star rating and 10,000+ installs on WordPress.

As soon as you activate the plugin, it will create schema markup from titles, descriptions and other content. This plugin produces rich snippets for some types of schema but does not cover everything if you’re using the free version. 

To access the full functionality of this plugin, you’ll need to spend $59 for a single lifetime license. 

Schema App Structured Data

The Schema App supports 9 different types of schema and includes things like breadcrumbs, searchbox, and sitelinks schema for Google. It currently has a 4/5 star rating and 10,000+ active installs on WordPress

Beyond schema markup, this plugin offers other services in its tool kits for users that subscribe to the Pro version. 

Pricing depends on the feature that you want to utilize, but the lowest price point starts at $30/month. 

Schema and Structured Data For WP

The schema and structured data for WP plugin offers 33 different schema markup types, the most notable ones being HowTo, FAQPage, and Audio object schema. It currently has 80,000+ active installs on WordPress with an average 4.6 star rating.

You can also request custom markup types if the plugin is missing one from its repository. 

Outside of the three notable schemas mentioned above, it will pull reviews from more than 75 websites; offers customized review boxes and review schema; and is compatible with other SEO and schema markup plugins. 

Pricing starts out at $99 for this plugin. 

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

This plugin offers 11 schema markup types and is relatively simple to use in regards to its interface. The pro version of the plugin offers more schema markup types, but pricing starts at $49 per year for a single site license. It currently has an average 4.2/5 star rating and 40,000+ active installations on WordPress.

WP Product Review

Looking to create reviews for your product page listings on your website? WP Product Review is a great plugin that serves this specific need. Below are a few of the features that WP Product Review offers: 

  • The option to create a product reviews widget on your product listing pages
  • Can change or update the style of the widget globally across your site
  • Automatically adds rich snippets and a download button to your posts

The great thing is that this plugin is free to install on your WordPress website. It currently has 30,000+ active installations on WordPress and an average 4.5/5 star rating.

Ultimate Blocks

This plugin is primarily designed to integrate with the page builder for Gutenberg in WordPress. It currently has a 4.9/5 star rating and 20,000+ active installations on WordPress.

Features include: 

  • A large selection of blocks for integration with existing Gutenberg capabilities
  • Can include schema markup blocks like: 
    • Review Schema
    • HowTo Schema
    • Table of Contents Schema

This plugin is free to install on all WordPress websites. 

SNIP Rich Snippet by WPBuddy

The SNIP Rich Snippet Plugin by WPBuddy specifically outputs JSON-LD codes for your web pages. It offers a built in schema markup generator within your WordPress dashboard, contains more than 800+ schema markup types, and will automatically generate schema for your site pages, which is a huge time saver. 

Current pricing is $59 for a lifetime license with this plugin and has an average 4.7/5 rating from users.

WP Rich Results

Last but not least is the WP Rich Results Plugin. This is a premium plugin that is specifically geared toward adding review markup for your site pages. 

Pricing starts at $69 for a lifetime site license. 

Which Schema Plugin Should I Use For WordPress?

Wondering which schema plugin you should use for your WordPress website? Below are a few use cases and which plugin serves that need the best. 

Best Free Schema WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for the best free schema WordPress plugin, you’ll want to use All In One Schema Rich Snippets. It’s the best plugin to get your feet wet without breaking the bank, offering an extensive amount of schema markups at no entry cost with intuitive design for all users. 

Best Review WordPress Schema Plugin

WP Review Pro is the clear winner for the best plugin for inserting reviews for your website, offering support for different schemas, platforms, or even plugins like WooCommerce. 

Best Schema WordPress Plugin For Automation

Schema Pro is the best plugin for automation, because it was specifically designed to help streamline the creation and insertion of schema on site pages. 

Best FAQ WordPress Schema Plugin

Ultimate Blocks is great for FAQPage schema, especially with how seamless the integration is with the Gutenberg Editor on WordPress. 

Best HowTo WordPress Schema Plugin

Again, Ultimate Blocks wins here with how easy it is to create engaging content within Gutenberg while simultaneously marking it up with HowTo schema code. 

Best Recipe WordPress Schema Plugin

Schema Pro makes the list again as far as the best schema recipe WordPress plugin goes because of how easy it is to configure and use.

What Do I Do After Installing The Plugin?

After installing your schema markup plugin and inserting structured data onto your site pages, you'll want to test those pages to ensure there are no errors or warnings associated with your implementation.

Read our latest guide on the best schema markup testing tools to use.

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