Author Bio: Brandon Lazovic

Brandon Lazovic currently serves as a SEO Marketing Manager at Quicken Loans, and was a former SEO Analyst at CDK Global. 

Before working in Search Engine Optimization, Lazovic started his career as a news editor for the Eastern Echo, a small newspaper in Ypsilanti, Mich. After spending some time in the journalism industry, he switched fields, working as a news writer writing press releases for the media relations team at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) during his tenure at the university. 

After graduating from EMU, Lazovic was approached to work as a digital marketing specialist for several startup companies in Ann Arbor, Mich., helping scale their digital efforts. This career change sparked his full transition to the digital marketing field, and he was soon approached by General Motors to work as a district digital manager, helping dealerships drive car sales through alignment of their digital marketing efforts. 

During his role at General Motors, Lazovic soon realized that the digital marketing industry is broad, and sought to consolidate his efforts toward becoming specialized in a specific skill set. 

Because of his writing skills as a news editor, Lazovic found an affinity for search engine optimization and created this website to share SEO tips and best practices with a wider audience, which has grown to 10,000 monthly visits as of Sept. 2020. 

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